Southern Avionics Company

Company Overview

Southern Avionics leads the aviation industry by manufacturing numerous stationary, transportable and portable NDBs, designed to satisfy diverse site and operational requirements. Constructed to provide years of continuous, unattended operation in extreme offshore conditions, Southern Avionics manufactured NDBs are also at home in the remote and harsh environments of deserts, equatorial jungles, and polar regions. Thousands of non-directional beacons manufactured by Southern Avionics are currently in service in these remote areas, as well as, Civil Aviation Airports throughout the world.

All Southern Avionics' new product development is achieved in-house and is facilitated by the latest in computer hardware and software innovations.

Company History

Southern Avionics Company (SAC) began in 1962 when John B. Goodhue, a pilot with a successful aircraft radio repair business, recognized the need for specialized navigational equipment for helicopter pilots servicing offshore drilling platforms. In 1963, SAC's first radio beacon was designed in answer to the need for a dependable, yet inexpensive, navigational aid for helicopters flying to offshore locations in the Gulf of Mexico.

From this beginning in a 200 square foot production facility, SAC has expanded into a 30,000 square foot NDB manufacturing facility that produces an array of the world's most trusted navigational equipment for not only offshore helicopter pilots, but for all helicopter pilots in industries that require landing in remote locations around the world and for boat pilots navigating in close harbors.

Today, SAC remains a family business that continues to research and develop on-going navigational needs for helicopter pilots in all industries on a global level. Even though some of our early non-directional beacon transmitters are still in operation around the world, we encourage all our customers to check out our innovative new equipment that incorporates the technology of the 21st Century.

Our enduring customer loyalty illustrates the power of Southern Avionics' philosophy... Supreme Commitment to Long-Term Customer Satisfaction

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